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Orteco has been designing and manufacturing their line of pile drivers since the 60’s with a focus on the needs of the customer.  By incorporating the feedback of their customers they have become a world leader in the supply of durable and efficient pile drivers for the installation of posts for Solar Energy Facilities, Steel Beam Highway Barrier Guide Rail, Fences, Vineyards and numerous other applications.

The range of Orteco pile drivers includes units that can be mounted on self propelled crawlers, flat bed trucks, excavators, cranes and even smaller skid steers.  Whatever your needs, Orteco has a machine that will meet your requirements as well as your budget. With a full line of accessories available the Orteco Pile Drivers can range from a basic unit to a fully automatic, GPS controlled machine.

Orteco's focus is to offer cutting-edge products by continuously improving their quality. Each and every client is an important asset in the company’s strategic planning process so everyone at Orteco strives to offer the highest level of individual customer care and technical assistance.


  • All Orteco pile drivers are extremely durable and reliable for years of productivity

  • Crawler mounted units are available for maximum productivity as well as truck mounted units perfect for maintenance operations (driving unit is interchangeable between both vehicles)

  • Units available for mounting on excavators, crane booms and smaller skid steers

  • With the full range of accessories these pile drivers will automatically set the verticality, height and spacing of each post

  • The down the hole hammer attachment can be left in place when not in use without interfering with post driving operations

  • Auger attachment easily mounts on the pile driver when you need to drill holes in softer soil conditions

  • Specialty machines available for automatic placement of rail sections to lifting of assembled runs of rail


  • Orteco has been active in the solar industry from its inception and has become a world leader in machines specifically designed for this market

  • Extensive R&D has resulted in an industry leading GPS/Machine Control System which can greatly increase productivity on any job site

  • Automatically set the location of every post with accuracy within +/- 1 cm, not just at the bottom of the posts but at the top of the posts as well

  • Automatically move to the next post location without any operator involvement, all you do is feed the posts into the machine when the hammer raises

  • Automatically set the height and verticality of each post with accuracy within +/- 1 cm

  • This system can provide vital information on productivity when establishing project costing and then provide daily productivity reports to ensure each project stays on target


  • Orteco pile drivers can be modified for special jobs such as driving large wooden posts for paddocks and fences

  • The Orteco PPA is a crawler mounted machine specially designed for the installation of vineyards and agricultural facilities

  • Small in size this machine can access most locations and provide safe and easy way to increase productivity while reducing costs

  • The Orteco SUN 4.0 Pile Driver is specially designed for installation of beach umbrella poles 

  • These smaller machines help to protect the environment by using less energy and creating less noise

  • All Orteco machines can operate with the GPS/Machine Control System for greatly enhanced productivity and accuracy


  • Most advanced GPS/Machine Control System for pile drivers available today

  • Position and drive posts with just a single operator

  • Greatly improved safety due to automatic machine movement allowing the operator to remain in a safer zone during re-positioning

  • Double antenna system ensures accuracy by utilizing multiple reference points

  • Automatically set the position, verticality, and height of every post with unmatched accuracy

  • Provides data for establishing productivity levels prior to bidding process and then provides daily reports to ensure targets are met



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